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आप अपने विज्ञापन के लिए। जिला, शहर या क्षेत्र स्वयं चुन सकते हैं,

You can choose a district, city, or region for your advertisement.

If you want your website and online advertising, then

Welcome to   RISHISHWAR


Create your own advertisement and website with us
plans start at Rs 63 and 999 only
advertisement start at Rs 63/day  and 999/week
website start at Rs 1299/year
viewers plan start at Rs 0.1/viewer

welcome offer

monthly pay - 1900

plat form (any1)

Google,You tube

Impressions  160-175 per day

monthly impressions 4900-5000  


63.33Rs/per day

Do you want to be a video ad for your business?
So, our plan starts at Rs

RISHISHWAR INDUSTRY (ADVERTISER S.)  and Nri web are operated by Rishiswar Industries (The Group of Industry ).It was founded in October 2019 by Harsh Raj Sharma (King Raj ), at that time its name was Rishishwar Industries Web Developer (Riwed), which has now been changed to Rishishwar Industry (ADVERTIGER S.). Currently, three teams are working in it, with the grace of all of you, the company has so far created and disseminated many websites and advertisements.